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Pharmacists in California may now provide naloxone, the medication that can help to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, without a prescription after the California State Board of Pharmacy approved new emergency regulations (PDF).

To be eligible to dispense the drug under the new regulations, pharmacists must complete one hour of continuing education (CE) on the use of the drug, notes a press release (PDF) from the Board.

When dispensing the drug, pharmacists must screen for any hypersensitivity, and must provide the recipient with training in opioid overdose prevention, recognition, response, and on the administration of the drug.

The pharmacist must also provide the recipient a naloxone fact sheet (PDF), which has been approved by the Board.

In October 2014, NABP released a statement supporting an active role for pharmacists in increasing access to naloxone.

NABP is also active in educating consumers about prescription drug abuse and prevention through the AWARXE® Prescription Drug Safety Program, and information and educational resources on these topics are available on the program’s website.