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With the ICD-10-PCS, the length of inpatient procedure codes are:

a. 7 alphanumeric characters
b. 3 alphanumeric characters
c. 13 alphanumeric characters
d. 10 alphanumeric characters
e. 17 alphanumeric characters

Answer: 7 alphanumeric characters. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a final rule that will facilitate the United States' ongoing transition to an electronic health care environment through adoption of new healthcare code sets for use in electronic health care transactions. This rule adopts updated versions of the code sets, under the authority of HIPAA (ICD-10 final rule). The ICD-10 code sets replace the ICD-9-CM code set.

In past, the industry was using about 4,000 unique ICD-9-CM volume 3 codes to describe inpatient procedures. ICD-9 procedure codes were 3-4 digits in length (e.g., 47.01 - Laparoscopic appendectomy). With the ICD-10-PCS mandate, the length of inpatient procedure codes increase to 7 alphanumeric characters (e.g., ODTJ4ZZ - Laparoscopic appendectomy).

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