Page 12 - Pharmacy Technician Book
P. 12                                                                  Krisman

                            4. Centrally  Acting  Antihypertensive  Agents

                    M/A:  Agents of this class generally inhibit the secretion of nor-adrenaline from the brain;
                    nor-adrenaline is responsible for causing hypertension.

                    Brand                             Generic                          Adverse Effects

                    Aldomet                           Methyldopa                       Hemolytic anemia

                    Catapres                          Clonidine                        Hypotension

                    Tenex                             Guanfacine                       Hypotension

                    Wytensin                          Guanabenz                        Hypotension

                    Therapeutic Use(s):

                  Hypertension


                  Hemolytic anemia: In hemolytic anemia, due to a premature destruction of RBCs, there are not
                    enough red blood cells in blood.
                  Hypertension: Elevation of arterial blood pressure above the normal range.
                  Hypotension: Condition in which arterial blood pressure is abnormally low.

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