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P. 10                                                                  Krisman

                                           2. Antiarrhythmic Agents

                    M/A: This class of agents is indicated for the treatment of an irregular heart rhythm.

                    Brand                             Generic                          Adverse Effects

                    Cordarone                         Amiodarone                       Pulmonary toxicity

                    Norpace                           Disopyramide                     Dry eyes, blurred vision,
                                                                                       negative inotropic effect

                    Tambocor                          Flecainide                       A.V. node suppression

                    Ethmozine                         Moricizine                       A.V. node suppression

                    Xylocaine                         Lidocaine                        CNS stimulation, seizure

                    Tonocard                          Tocainide                        Pulmonary toxicity

                    Dilantin,                         Phenytoin                        Gingival hyperplasia,
                    Cerebyx                                                            ataxia

                    Procanbid                         Procainamide                     S.L.E, blood dyscrasia

                    Quinidine                         Quinidine                        Diarrhea

                    Therapeutic Use(s):

                  Arrhythmia


                  Pulmonary toxicity: Lung toxicity.
                  Gingival hyperplasia: Gum inflammation and bleeding.
                  Ataxia: Lack of coordination of muscle movements.
                  Nystagmus: Rapid involuntary movement of eyes that may be from side to side, up and down, or
                  S.L.E.: Systemic lupus erythematosus (chronic inflammatory disease of connective tissues).
                  Blood dyscrasia: Abnormality in blood.
                  A.V. node suppression: Slowing down in conduction velocity of heart.
                  Negative inotropic effects: Reducing the force of muscle contraction of heart.

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