Page 11 - Pharmacy Technician Book
P. 11                                                                  Krisman

                                                  3. Beta-Blockers

                    M/A:   They block Beta-1 receptors in cardiac tissues. They reduce the oxygen requirement of the
                    heart by decreasing the heart rate and force of contraction of the heart associated with an exercise.

                    Brand                             Generic                          Adverse Effects

                    Tenormin                          Atenolol                         Bradycardia

                    Lopressor, Toprol XL              Metoprolol                       Bradycardia

                    Inderal                           Propranolol                      Bradycardia

                    Corgard                           Nadolol                          Bradycardia

                    Zebeta                            Bisoprolol                       Bradycardia

                    Normodyne, Trandate               Labetalol                        Bradycardia

                    Sectral                           Acebutolol                       Bradycardia

                    Coreg                             Carvedilol                       Bradycardia

                    Brevibloc                         Esmolol                          Bradycardia

                    Levatol                           Penbutolol                       Bradycardia

                    Therapeutic Use(s):

                  Hypertension and angina

                    Do not use beta-blockers for:

                  CHF patients: May cause fatal heart failure.
                  Diabetic patients: May mask the symptoms of hypoglycemia.
                  Asthma patients: May constrict the bronchial smooth muscles by blocking beta-2 receptors.


                  Bradycardia: Slowing down of heart rate.
                  Hypoglycemia: Low blood glucose level.
                  Bronchial muscles: Smooth muscles of lungs.
                  Angina: Heart disorder with sharp pain in heart.

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