Page 4 - Management Theory 2023-2024 Edition
P. 4                                                                  Krisman


           I  am  very  happy  to  introduce  this  new  edition  that  covers  the  major  portion  of  pharmacy  management  and
           pharmacoeconomics. As in recent years, FPGEE exam is putting more weight on management and the economic
           portion  of  the  pharmaceutical  field,  which  has  inspired  me  to  introduce  a  guide  that  may  help  students  to
           answers questions in the exam related to these topics.

           I  tried  to  cover  all  the  pharmacy  management  and  pharmacoeconomics  aspects  in  this  guide.  The  reason  to
           introduce this review guide is to provide foreign students with enough information regarding the management
           aspect of health care in the U.S.

           The students must try to understand the information provided in this guide since that’s the only way to apply
           your  logic  to  answer  management  and  economics  related  questions  in  the  exam.  You  may  not  receive
           straightforward questions from this guide, however the information presented in this guide will definitely help
           you to guess the best logical answer for a given question.

           I hope my efforts will bring you much success.

           Best of luck,

           Manan H. Shroff

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