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            Today,  the  pharmacy  is  considered  a  very  fast-growing  field.  The  jobs  done  by  pharmacists  yesterday  have
            completely changed today. Today’s pharmacist is not merely a machine to dispense drugs, he or she can counsel
            the patients, keep an eye on important interactions, and practice more towards the clinical side of the field of

            However, this requires a great amount of time and patience. By considering all of these factors, in 1995 PTCB
            was introduced. By certifying pharmacy technicians, pharmacists can spend more time on patient counseling and
            other patient-oriented jobs.

            To prepare a pharmacy technician to take over some of the responsibilities of pharmacists, such as discovering
            duplicated  therapy,  wrong  doses  and  directions,  and  the  knowledge  of  drug  indications  and  interactions,  the
            Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE)  was introduced in 1995.

            This exam will test pharmacy technicians on three major areas:

            1.  Assisting the pharmacist in serving patients.
            2.  Maintaining medications and inventory control systems.
            3.  Participating in administration and management of the pharmacy practice.

            This review book has more than 500 questions that allow you to practice tackling the actual exam.

            We have also included more than 40 chapters that will give you knowledge of drug trade names, generic names,
            indications and major adverse reactions.

            The PTCB  exam puts more emphasis on calculations; therefore, all efforts were made to include calculations in
            the tutorial.

            The practice test at the end of the review book will ensure that you understand the material provided for you in
            this book. All suggestions from you are always welcome.

            I wish you much success.

            Best of luck,

            Manan H. Shroff

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