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This book is not intended as a substitute for the advice of physicians. Students or readers must consult their
             physician about any existing problem. Do not use information in this book for any kind of self-treatment. Do
             not administer any dose of mentioned drugs in this book without consulting your physician. This is only a
             review guide for the preparation of the Pharmacy Technician Exam (PTCE®).

             The author is not responsible for any kind of misinterpreted, incorrect, or misleading information or any
             typographical errors in this book. Any doubtful or questionable answers should be checked in other available
             reference sources.

             All rights reserved.

             No  part  of  this  book  may  be  reproduced  or  transmitted  in  any  form  or  by  any  means,  electronically
             Photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher.

             RXEXAM® is a registered trademark of Pharmacy Exam of Krishna Publications Inc. Any unauthorized use of
             this trade mark will be considered a violation of law.

             PTCB® and PTCE® are registered trademarks of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards (PTCB®). This
             reference guide is in no way authorized by or sponsored by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards,

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