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NAPLEX Testimonials

  • I have just passed NAPLEX with a score of 110 points. All materials (Mega NAPLEX Combo Pack) have helped me a lot.Thank you Pharmacy Exam Staff for your all help and support.

    Micky, Beltsville, MD 

  • I recently passed the NAPLEX exam, which was largely composed of questions based on patient-profiles. I found your review books and cds (Combo Pack-2) very useful for answering patient-case studies related questionsins in anactual NAPLEX exam. Further, the section on OTC drugs also helped me a lot in learning brand names, and their indications and various dosage forms.

    Thank you, Radhika Chandrashekhar

  • Your Audio NAPLEX cds, Review Posters and Flash cards were big help. Thanks a lot.

    Katrina, NJ

  • Your NAPLEX Audio Cd roms were excellent. I just went over them a couple of times. Most times I listened to cds during my driving. Its really a great tool for students who are on short of time to prepare for NAPLEX. Again, thanks for providing a wonderful product for the most economical way.

    Riche, Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you very much for helping me to clear FPGEE and NAPLEX exams. Your NAPLEX 30 minute review posters and audio naplex cds were a big help for clearing NAPLEX exam. I love your material for two reasons; one its very easy to understand and second its really upto the point. God bless you.

    Michael Gray, Albuquerque, NM

  • This book (NAPLEX Q & A) has some extra information that the other books don't have. I should say that this book has helped me a lot for my succes in NAPLEX.This book is really exceptional to get sound score.

    Babji, NJ

  • These materials are pure gold for me.It is based on " KISS to point" principle means Keep It Simple and Straight to the point.Thanks to Rxexam for helping me to achevie my dream.

    Kunal Shah

  • I am very pleased with this book (NAPLEX Theory). This book gives you an idea about how Naplex exam should be handeled. All chapters are well organised and written in easily understandable language. The most important aspect of this book is that at the beginning of each chapter it has classification with brand and generic names of drugs. I will definately recommende this book to all pharmacy students.

    Ricky, Florida

  • Reference guide for pharmacy licensing exam Theory and Q & A are very well written with a plenty of information. I passed my pharmacy board exam, and I would give all credits to these two review guides. Must check out these books. Best of luck to you all for your upcoming exam.

    Customer, Michigan

  • I read the book (Naplex Theory) written by Manan Shroff for preparation of NAPLEX exam. It is awesome! It really prepares how to approach the exam. The thing that I like most about this book is that in the begining of each chapter I found the classification of drugs with trade & generic names. It has a well covered TPN portion too. I will give full marks to this book and his author.

    Keith, Baltimore MD

  • I appreciate your help providing me all necessary study materials for preparation of the NAPLEX exam. I am now registered pharmacist - thanks to your books.

    Thanks, Pradeep Pandya

  • Good morning, Please accept my greatest thanks and appreciation for your wonderful series of books. Lots of important organized information, easy to understand and remember. Thanks to your books i passed the FPGEE from the first time and when I was preparing for the NAPLEX I did not think much, I just bought your books and CDs and they were very very useful. You did a marvelous job in these books and CDs. Thanks again to you and special thanks to your great customer service. You are really different and exceeded my expectation. ***Special thanks to Mike for his great help*** You really have wonderful staff.

    E.M, Ontario, Canada

  • I have just got a naplex result today. I got 122. I just don't know what to say. Thank you very much for your help. The naplex review posters and flash cards help me a lot. I would recommended to all my friends NAPLEX review books and posters. Again, please tell thanks to Mr. Manan Shroff for writing such wonderful books.

    Chris Kale, Waterbridge, NJ

  • Thanks for presenting NAPLEX study materials (Audio NAplex cds and Clinical Naplex Cd rom combo) in easy to understand language and upto the point manner. They do really help me a lot. Now I am preparing for Minnesota Pharmacy Law.

    Jonas, MN

  • I have recently purchased Clinical NAPLEX Combo Pack. Your cds have been way beyond my expectations. I have just went through first cd rom of the set, and I must say it has been exceptional. Keep it your good work.

    Meggy, ON Canada

  • I just want to say thanks for helping me to clear my NAPLEX examination. Your NAPLEX questions and answers book was excellent. I just want to request to add a few more profiles on herbal products in the book. With your help I am working as a licensed pharmacist. Thanks, once again for the help.

    Bhavana, Bostob, MA

  • I have just passed NAPLEX exam and I am heartly thank you for coming up with nice reference guides. I wish that you coming up with more reference guides. God gives power and bless to your organization.

    Kathy Manson, WV

  • I had failed naplex for two times. First time I got 65 and second time I got 70. I was very depressed. Then one of my friend told me about your site. I bought Super NAPLEX Combo pack. I study hard for 3 months. Today, I got the result. I don't belive it that I have cleared the exam. I got 97. I want to say thank you to Mr. Manan Shroff for putting such a great review material. I will definately recommende your material to my all friends.

    Lisa Scottsdale, AZ

  • Thanks for your excellent customer service. I received my Mega NAPLEX combo pack today. It looks a great study materiall. Will contact you after appearing for NAPLEX exam. Thx again!

    Kathy, WA.

  • My name is Leena. I Just want to say thank you to providing an excellent naplex study guides. I have used your NAPLEX Theory, Q & A, Calculation book and NAPLEX 30-Minute review posters. I have passed NAPLEX. I am writing MPJE now. Thanks for your help and support.

    Leena Dinji, Oklahoma

  • I just want to say thanks for putting together excellent study material for NAPLEX. I have used your NAPLEX Q & A book for preparation of my board licensing exam. The patient profile on various laboratory findings along with TPN and Cystic fibrosis questions helped me enormously to clear my board exam with a score of 95. I just want to say thank you .

    Rocío Bejani, Lane Millport, AL

  • I am writing this review for your NAPLEX Audio Cds preparation. Being spent over 4 hours of my time in daily commuting, I was looking for some study materials for NAPLEX that can be used while driving. I came across to this website and download a sample audio file for audio cds. I just told myself to try this and I bought NAPLEX AUDIO Cds. I received package within 3 days of my ordered in excellent condition. I have used them extensively during my driving; also download all of them to my IPod. Six months later I am writing this testimonial as a registered pharmacist by clearing NAPLEX exam with a score of 92. Thanks to all efforts and times put in by pharmacy exam staff for preparing such a wonderful product. You guys have saved hell of my time.

    Rich Hawyes, Albuquerque, NM

  • Hello Pharmacy Exam. I bought your Mega NAPLEX Combo Pack 4 months ago. All of your NAPLEX materials were fabulous. I love reading them since they were written in very simple language. Today, because of you guys I am working as a registered pharmacist and I just wanted to say thank you from my heart to Mr. Manan Shroff and all the pharmacy exam staffs for providing such a great study toll at the friction of the cost.

    Dang Gyu from Hyde Park, MA

  • Your study material for NAPLEX was very concise and to the point which helped me to successfully pass the exam with a short preparation time. The calculation book provided good explanation. The NJ law CD rom provided QandA with clear explanation and appropriate references to refer to the specific law. Thank you very much in helping me become a pharmacist.

    Darshan Parikh, NJ 

  • FPGEE Testimonials

  • Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I just received my score for the FPGEE test that I took last July 16 and I got an impressive mark. I also wanted to thank you. Even though I purchased your book just a few weeks before taking the exam, it really helped me. More power to you guys and God bless!

    Rose Daus 

  • Thanks a lot for ur books.I have refered your review guides. I have just passed my fpgee exam with the score of 99. Your material was very helpful. Thanks once again.

    Krishna Patel 

  • Thanks for doing efforts on making these reference(FPGEE & NAPLEX) guides available for students. These questions and answers really build up a confidence in students and help passing the exam. Thank you.

    Sanjeev Nagpal 

  • I am so happy to let you know that passed my exam (dec.6th).Thank you for sending me all the books in time. Now I am preparing for NAPLEX. Hope fully I'll pass this first time. Let me know if you have any new books on them. I already got some of them. Thank you again for encouraging me. Sincerly,


  • I have used your FPGEE books and cd roms for preparation of FPGEE exam. I passed FPGEE exam in June 2004. I found your FPGEE material very useful in addition to "Comprehensive Pharmacy Review Book" . Your books helped me a lot especially for last minute revision. I wish you good luck and hope you come out with more books like these. Thank you.


  • I wanted to thank you for coming out with the Foreign Pharmacy Exam Book. It was very informative and helpful. It helped me a lot for the preparation for my FPGEE EXAM. I wish you the best of luck and hope you come out with more books like this.

    Preethi Chandran 

  • I just want to thank Mike and staff for putting out such excellent study materials for the FPGEE. Initially, when I applied for the exam and got the blue print, I never knew where to begin, I went on the net and found Manan Shroff`s books and I tried them, they were really good and they developed my confidence to go take the FPGEE. I got an excellent score and I am now in Florida preparing for my NAPLEX and using the NAPLEX books and CDS. I would recommend Manan Shroff`s study guide to anyone sitting the FPGEE. The chapters are concise and to the point. Thanks to you Mike and staff for putting out such excellent study materials to help students pass the FPGEE exam.

    Leighton Lugg 

  • These materials are pure gold for me.It is based on " KISS to point" principle means Keep It Simple and Straight to the point.Thanks to Rxexam for helping me to achevie my dream.

    Kunal Shah 

  • My name is Liz, I am a 24 year old student. I recently used your pharmacy exam book to help me prepare for my exam. I want to thank you for writing such a useful informative book. It was very resourceful. I was so worried about taking my test, but after studying your book I felt so confident. I will definitely refer it to others.

    Liz Emerson 

  • I have passed FPGEE with a score of 101. I took my exam on 08/13/2002.Your reference guide for FPGEE was really helpful, thank you so much.

    Mathew Gijo 

  • I am very thankful to you.Your book " Reference Guide for the Foreign Pharmacy Licensing Exam" is really very helpful.It is very good source for forign graduates to pass the FPGEE Book for calculation is also good.


  • I am writing this to let you know that i recently passed the FPGEE held on June 21.2003 with an excellent score.I used your reference guide for the foreign pharmacy licensing exam.Thanks so much for everything.

    Sanjay Varghese. 

  • I used your Books i.e. Reference Guide for foreign Pharmacy Licensing Exam 2nd Edition & Reference Guide for Pharmaceutical Calculations 2nd edition for preparation for the FPGEE June 2003. They were very good books and I passed the exams with a score of 87. Thank you very much.

    Charles Koko 

  • I have passed fpgee. I just got my result today. I got a 133 marks. Your reference guide for pharmacy licensing exam helped me lot to answer the pharmacology questions. I am going to appear now for NAPLEX examination. I just want to say thank you.

    Molli Reddy 

  • I would just like to say that thanks to the available books that i ordered from you 6 months ago. I passed my fpgee exam first time round on may 24th with a passing mark of 102. Many thanks again. The books and cd roms were great.

    Jayne Stanley 

  • I took my exam on 24th of july,2002 and i really appreciate your good efforts in helping FPGEE students. I used your FPGEE book and that helped me in my exam and i got good score. I believe that foreign pharmacy graduates can get help and guideline from your books and valuable CDs.


  • I read your pharmacy review book on FPGEE it is excellent review book for FPGEE EXAM. I always highly recommend your review book for FPGEE EXAM to all of my friends those who are taking FPGEE EXAM.Your review book really helped me a lot in my FPGEE EXAM. My best wishes is always with you for giving such a excellent pharmacy review book to us in future also. Thanking you very much for your nice pharmacy review books.

    Sincerely, Roshan G. Patel. 

  • I really like your FPGEE questions and answers book. It is upto the point and very informative.

    Peter Lou South Orange, NJ 

  • I wanted to say thank you very much for all information you provided on telephone three months ago. Due to your guidance I bought Combo Pack 3 for preparation of FPGEE. I have just got my FPGEE result..I passed it. I just want to write a few lines regarding Pharmacy Exam's study materials as per your request. This may also help future students to purchase study materials without any doubt and hesitation. Your study materials are simply superb and very easy to understand. They are also upto points; a student may save great amount of time and energy just by referring them.

    Nancy Ngaruiya, MA 

  • Your FPGEE preparation package (Combo Pack-3) was exceptionally helpful for preparation of my FPGEC. I have received my result today, and very happy to say that I have passed my exam. Your management theory and Q&A books were helped me a lot in answering second section of FPGEE exam. Please convey my message to Mr. Manan Shroff for providing excellent study materials for foreign graduates.

    Nwokeji from Myrtle Beach, SC 

  • As per our phone conversation and in following your instruction, I am returning the Pharmacy management book (order#33571) to be echanged for the Pharmacy management Q&A book instead. I truly appreciate your help in rectifying this unintended ordering error. I would also greatly appreciate your attention to expedite this order because of the short time left for the FPGEE exam. You guys are great and will always recommend to my colleagues and students. Thanks again.

    ED Abukhazneh, Pharm D, Rph. MBA 

  • MPJE Testimonials

  • I really feel the study material you provide for the different state mpje's are great, and they cover various areas specific to each state, so I'm very grateful for that. Also, thanks for your excellent customer service.

    Daniel Shin 

  • I really appreciate the format of questions and the way they are outlined. It really helped me a lot to pass my exam. It was short , to the point but thorough enough to understand minute details and tricky questions of Law Exam. I greatly appreciate the help from the pharmacy exam and I suggest everyone to go through the pharmacy exam material before taking any exams. GO PHARMACY EXAM. Wish you a great success and a lot ot thanksto the author Mr. Manan Shroff.

    Dhaval Zaveri 

  • Thank you for the excellent CDs that you have produced. I have passed every test. Even Virgina one that several of my co-workers took two or three times to pass...I passed the first time. I recommend your service to all at my job who are taking multiple tests as I am. Thanks.

    Germon Earl Hill 

  • I look forward to receiving the package today so I can start using the exam for study purposes. I am finding your Florida MPJE program to be extremely useful to study for the law test that I will be taking. Best regards.

    Gene Frank 

  • First of all I would like to say thank you to the staff of Pharmacy Exam, especially Mr. Manan Shroff for providing very informative law study review materials. The "citation" in each explanation of the question was very helpful to refer back the law handbook. I like the CD download feature on your website. For student like me who searches at the last moment for study material, it is a great tool.

    Prakash Shah 

  • Hi I am Firoz who is pharmacist in USA for 13 years passed all my exams through The study material provided by pharmacyexam is very easy and efficient way to study. I had studied only 4 days before exams and passed both Michigan and Washington state mpje exams. I love pharmacyexam's questions and answers with an explanation format. I highly recommended their study materials to all.

    Firoz Vora, Texas

  • I really want to thank you very much for taking the time to update the exam questions for the Vermont MPJE. I know that it will really help me for my exam on Thursday. I recommend your programs to other colleages of mine that go through reciprocity and original licensure. Thank you again.

    Michael J. Laubach, R.Ph. 

  • I just want to say thank you for providing excellent study material for preparation of mpje exams. I am currently working as a clinical pharmacist in a long-term care setting. As a part of my job, I need to get multistate licenses. I found your mpje cd roms extremely helpful for clearing multistate mpje exams. Thx.

    Mike Goldenberg, Chesterfield, NJ 

  • I have used downloadable MPJE version for CPJE and FSDLE. The content and accuracy of materials are excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed while reviewing your study materials.

    Bhavesh Patel, Ohio 

  • Your cd rom for preparation of Ohio mpje was very helpful. I am waiting for my result. Thanks once again for a great study tool.

    Mickey, SC 

  • Thanks for helping me to download ORGON mpje product two weeks ago. I just got a result. I passed my exam. Thanks for your help and support.

    Dana Benhard from PORT HURON, MI 

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provide with these practice exams. Beginning in April of this year my corporate office asked me to get licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska and Oregon by September in order to dispense into those states, and thanks to your study tools I was able to pass all of the MJPEs. I am taking Vermont next week and Oklahoma in December and thanks to your products I am sure to pass. If you have a testimonial page I would be happy to contribute.

    Richard H. Dilzer, RPh Long Valley, NJ

  • So far I studied and used two of your Pharmacy law exam programs; Oregon and Arizona mpjes, and successfully passed both of them. Thank you.

    Kassim, Toks N, Pompano Beach, FL 

  • Thank you for all your supports and assistance in the past several months. I've now passed the VA FSDLE law exam this pass Saturday. Keep up your wonderful helps, once again thank you so much!

    V Trang 

  • I just want to say thank you for Iowa Mpje cd rom. The content and accuracy of material are exceptional. Definately buy in future..No doubt about it.

    Macy, Elkridge, MD 

  • After failing twice in Arizona mpje, I came across this web site. I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me to pass Arizona MPJE. You guys are the best !

    Reva, Colorado 

  • Thank you very much for your excellent study guides! I have reciprocated to 12 states for work...have passed all exams with your help. I particularly like that you give complete explanations on the test questions...reinforces what I studied.

    Randy, NJ 

  • Your mpje cd rom for TX mpje was great. Passed my exam...Will definately buy again.

    Mathew, Texas 

  • Thanks for providing download facility for mpje cd roms. For student like me who searches at the last moment for study material, it is a great tool. I will definately recommend your web site to my friends.

    Shilpa, Washigton DC 

  • I just want to let you know that I pass my Virigina (FSDLE) exam. Thanks.

    Remo, Boston, MA 

  • I got result today. I cleared my NJ mpje. Thanks.

    Merry, NY 

  • First of all I would like to say thank you to the staff of Pharmacy Exam, especially Mike, and Mr. Manan Shroff for providing very informative law study review materials. The "citation" in each explanation of the question was very helpful to refer back the law handbook. Waiting for my result....

    Marc, IDAHO 

  • Thank you for your TN Mpje cd rom. I passed my exam, and I am now R.Ph. Thanks.

    Lilly, DE 

  • Your mpje cd roms were great. I received the package within 3 days. Thanks for your excellent customer service.

    Rhea, MD 

  • I have just cleared Arizona and Texas mpjes. Talk to you soon...

    Virendra, Michigan 

  • I have used your cds to reciprocate my license to TN, VA, CO, MI, NJ, NY and DC. Thanks for your support and study materials, I am R.Ph in all these states.

    Michael Ngu, Home Infusion Service, FL 

  • I just passed my IL, KY and MI exams. Thanks to you.

    Rick Hawyes, VA 

  • I just want to say thank you for your Florida mpje study material. It helps me a lot during my preparation for law exam. I find it extremely useful with Florida State Pharmacy law handbook. Thx again.

    Billi, MA 

  • I just want to say I pass my DC law exam. Thanks for all your help.

    Regina, Washington DC 

  • First, I like to thank you for providing mpje material at very economical price with the facility to download them. I have ordered it at very last moment, and I must say its worth every penny spent on it. Good Job....

    Neal, ON Canada 

  • I will like to say thank you for sending informative mpje cd rom for Georgia mpje.

    Michelle, GA 

  • PTCE Testimonials

  • This book helped me lot to pass technician exam. I found similar types of questions on my technician examination. The math review is really good. I recommend all students to purchase this book to prepare for technician exam.

    Reviewed by IR, Baltimore MD 

  • I passed my pharmacy technician certificate exam. I liked this book very much. This book has everything you need to pass PTCB exam. This book has a plenty information on drugs. The practice test of this book is simulated with PTCE examination questions. The calculations found on this book are carbon copies of calculation problems found in exam. Must check out !

    Reviewed by Mark, Houston TX 

  • Great customer service. Received book in no time. Material more thorough than other prep books I used so far. Recommend it for anyone taking the Pharm Tech exam.

    Reviewed by APR, NY 

  • This was the first book I began to study with. I'm not sure I'd recommend this to use as your very first study guide but I would definitely say put in the money to add this to your aresenal.
    The book is in what can be described as an outline form.
    Drug category
    Expliantion/Defenition of category
    Drug name Generic Dose/administration Key terms and definitions.

    Reviewed by Venifera, Virginia 

  • I used this review guide for preparation of PTCE exam. 500 questions with complete explanation helped me lot in passing PTCB exam. The questions are carbon copy of what I saw in exams. Its looks like author knows what students going to face in the exam. 125 questions practice test similar questions which I found in my exam. I think every student preparing for technician exam must check out this reference guide. Every penny spends on this review guide is wise.

    Reviewed by Steve 

  • I have just recently passed my technician exam. I found this book very helpful. 500 practice questions give you an idea what type of questions you will face in the actual examination. The content of the book is very easy to understand. Pharmacy law portion also well cover. Must buy to pass the exam...

    Reviewed by Rxcareer 

  • I like this book for two reasons. One is the math's section of the book is really good and prepare you well for the exam. The second thing, practice questions in these book are similar to what you see in real exam. In short, a perfect guide for preparation of certification exam.

    Reviewed by Mary, Bronx NY 

  • I have just appeared for pharmacy tech exam. This book was quite helpful for facing ptce exam. Questions patterne in this book reflects an actual PTCE exam. I am waiting for my result. Hopefully I will pass. Good luck to you all who are sitting for the exam.

    Reviewed by PharmTech 2000 

  • The quality of the content of this book == which I originally bought for a friend == is superb. The author in simple and clear terms makes pharmacy tech fundamentals a "bread and butter" meal which should appeal to all readers especially those pursuing Pharmacy Tech certification as well as all members of the health care delivering professions. I strongly recommend the book for everyone and wish more grease to the editor's elbow.

    Reviewed by Muda, Laurel, MD 

  • I am very happy to let you know that I got my PTCB exam result today. I passed exam with a score of 810. Your technician book along with practice cds helped me a lot. I just wanted to tell everyone that questions and answers of your books were very close to actual PTCB exam. Once again thanks for providing study material at very affordable price. Thank you so much.

    Reviewed by Baseerath, Nebraska 

  • Your review guide for Pharmacy Technician exam was superb and very well written. Your practice exam with 500 questions with answer explanations helped me a lot in passing my National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. I will definitely recommend your books and cds to my friends.

    Reviewed by Patrick Masony, Spokane, WA 

  • I studied for about 2 weeks prior to the test. I work part time in a retail pharmacy as a technician and I've learned about drugs on the job - no prior schooling.

    I did extensive research on all the books available for the Technician Board Exam and read other people's reviews. The reviews on this book seemed the most promising. I tried to study in great detail the section on drugs - even made index cards. All the drugs in this book are the same used in retail pharmacy, so I had already known some information on these drugs. And the math I use at work were also in - this book and on the test.

    However, I became overwhelmed trying to memorize all the detailed information on all these drugs. So I made the decision to not focus or waste my time on this section in the book. I changed my priority: about one week and a half before the test - I only focused 100% on the math portion.

    I went through every Single problem in the book. I wrote out specific formulas and unit conversions I must have memorized, and methods on solving specific types of questions. Then I re-did each math problem on my own. It seems like a lot of work. But in reality, it did not take much time - many problems had the same method on how to be solved. So after a couple of questions and recognizing how the question is being asked you could tell right away which method is needed to solve it. It was easy and effortless and I become TIME EFFICIENT.

    Reviewed by Nova6287, Amazon Customer

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