Which of the following pharmacies may perform a prospective drug review in a Centralized Processing System?

a. Central Processing Pharmacy
b. Central Fill Pharmacy
c. Dispensing Pharmacy
d. Intake Pharmacy

Answer: (a). Central Processing Pharmacy, [New Jersey Administrative Code 13:39 4.19].

The four component functions of handling a prescription in centralized processing system are intake, processing, fulfillment and dispensing.

Central prescription handling entails two or more licensed pharmacies sharing responsibility for performing the four component functions of handling a prescription.

The following pharmacies may engage in central prescription handling: an intake or originating pharmacy; a central processing pharmacy; a central fill pharmacy; and a dispensing pharmacy.

The four component functions of handling a prescription shall be performed by the following pharmacies:

1). An intake or originating pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that received the patient's or prescribing practitioner's request to fill or refill a prescription.

1A). A central processing pharmacy or a central fill pharmacy may be considered the intake or originating pharmacy if the prescription was transmitted by the prescribing practitioner directly to the centralized pharmacy or if the patient requested the refill from that pharmacy;

2). A central processing pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that engages in prescription review by performing functions that may include, but are not limited to, data entry, prospective drug review, refill authorizations, interventions, patient counseling, claims submission, claims resolution and adjudication;

3). A central fill pharmacy, which is a pharmacy engaging in central prescription handling by filling and/or refilling prescriptions, which includes the preparation and packaging of the medication; and

4). A dispensing pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that receives the processed prescription and/or the filled or refilled prescription for dispensing to the patient or to the patient's authorized representative and that offers patient counseling regarding the dispensed medication.