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A critical path is one that reaches an end goal in the most direct possible manner. Water in the natural world, will always follow the line of least resistance - riding gravity along the most direct path. Often, we’re hampered throughout our own routines to recognize and chase our daily critical paths. It can be difficult to uncover the best route, and often, even if it is laid out before us – our responsibilities inhibit our progression.

For a fortunate few though; for those selfless enough to sacrifice themselves for the care of the ill and the injured, there exists a beacon. This torch lighting the path of career progression for the CNA, is the “Nursing Ladder of Success”.  A career spent as a CNA, is very respectable. Few will work as hard. However, it is common for the CNA to climb higher through the ranks of the Nursing track.

Clinical settings are full of nursing professionals at various stages of career growth. As a CNA, buzzing through the hospital amongst a swarm of Medical Assistants, LPN’s, RN’s, and NP’s, we’re able to see exactly what’s possible if we continue with our training and coursework. As a pocket guide for the humming hospital hallway, we refer to our “Nursing Ladder of Success”.