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Using the NARxCHECK, a pharmacist is receiving a scaled score of 650 for a particular patient. Which of the following statements based on this scaled score is TRUE?

a. Very low risk for misuse
b. low risk for misuse
c. moderate risk for misuse
d. High risk for misuse

Answer: High risk for misuse.

NARXCHECK is an automatic prescription drug abuse assessment and management tool for health care providers. Once integrated into the facility's system, NARxCHECK automatically queries the state PMP database to generate a report that includes a score for three different drug classes: narcotics, sedatives, and stimulants.

These three-digit scores (000-999) help practitioners to decide whether or not they need to review a patient history before prescribing additional medications.

The score is easy to read using the following guidelines:

1. Less than 200 = Be confident - low risk for misuse.

2. 200 - 500 = Be curious - moderate risk for misuse.

3. Greater than 500 = Be cautious - higher risk for misuse.

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